Nola is a combination of Nolwenn and Laurence, a daughter and her mother sharing a passion for creative projects. Nolwenn grew up in France where her mother immersed her in a creative environment since her younger years. Laurence designed dresses for her Barbie dolls, came up with the greatest games and decorative ideas for birthday parties, sewed the cutest costumes… Naturally, Nolwenn developed a crafty hand herself and fell in love with the super cozy felt material.

Now based in the US, Nolwenn decided to create a blog to display her DIY projects and give the opportunity for other worldwide crafties to get inspired. Naturally, she asked her mother to participate. Now when she is not painting, Laurence helps her daughter come up with fun felt projects. What a great way to stay close and connected while being an ocean away from each other!

We hope you will enjoy our creations and we welcome comments and feedback, so please leave us a message anytime.